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澳门赌博排名:At the beginning, the heart does not change the continued net inflow of funds in the North

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内容摘要: A-shares continued to fluctuate since June, and on 7th, thestock indexfell below the 3,000-point integer mark. As of the 22nd, the Shanghai...

A-shares continued to fluctuate since June, and on 7th, the stock index fell below the 3,000-point integer mark. As of the 22nd, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.65% for the month, and the GEM Board stated that the 7-89456_4_65473_9 fell even more, at 11.13%. However, in the market correction process, “smart money” chose to actively enter the market, the data shows that since the beginning of the month, the net inflow of to the north has exceeded 30 billion yuan, and the share of equity type ETF has also seen a large increase. Analysts pointed out that based on the long-term positive trend of China's economy and the declining market valuation, abnormal market fluctuations will bring opportunities for medium and long-term layout.

ETF large share of adverse economic growth

market volatility adjustment process, equity and hybrid funds ETF share has a net adverse economic growth. Oriental Fortune Choice data show that as of June 22, since the beginning of 132 equity ETF, the net increase in the share of 55 appear, increasing the total share of 5.407 billion copies.

Hua share during the 50 GEM increased the most, 10.29 million copies, the total share exceeded 90 billion and amounted to 9.474 billion copies, is also very active trading, the average daily turnover of 375 million yuan. The ETF tracks 50 of the GEM index, the index constituent stocks to technology, information, and other innovative Internet-based companies, mostly for various segments of the leader, the current index price-earnings ratio (TTM) is 32.53 times, significantly lower than the GEM index.


(Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, 2018.6.1-2018.6.22)

In addition, the easy side of the GEM, Shanghai and Shenzhen Hua Tai Borui 300ETF, 500ETF South China Securities, GF Securities and Guotai 500ETF in SSE All securities The company’s ETF and other share increases followed.

The ETF share market has seen a significant increase in the contrarian situation, indicating that some funds have been allocated through the purchase of ETFs. These funds are mainly institutional funds and large individual investors and represent a certain market trend. From the point of view of the characteristics of ETF products with more shares, it shows that under the current market conditions, the innovative sector is still the main focus of funds.

north of net inflows over 30 billion

With A shares continue to move internationalization, foreign investment plays an increasingly important role in the market. Since the beginning of the year, funds from the north have continued to flow into Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the market has not stopped in the process of market adjustment. Oriental Fortune Choices data show that as of June 22, nearly 15 days in the north of funds through Hong Kong and Shanghai and Shenzhen and Hong Kong through on total net buying amounted to 30.354 billion yuan, in addition to 21 and 19, the remaining 13 trading All have shown a net inflow.


(Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data ,2018.6.1-2018.6.22)

from Shanghai stock through deep Huoyue Gu shares on the top ten list data, the month the two cities a total of 49 stocks on board the list, which China Ping An , Wuliangye Maotai , , Midea Group , Gree , Yanghe , Yili , Hikvision 7_89456_84_65 473_9, Hengrui Medicine and other stocks within nine months were 15 on the list, to achieve "perfect attendance."

terms of the amount of net buying, above 49 Huoyue Gu, the month a total of 29 funds bought a net northward to achieve a total net purchases amounted to 17.858 billion yuan, specific point of view, the US group (4.089 billion yuan), Moutai ( 3.216 billion yuan), Gree Electric Appliance (2.43 billion yuan), China Ping An (1.676 billion yuan), Yang shares (1.151 billion yuan), Han's laser net purchases within (1.004 billion yuan) and other stocks six months both in the amount of 10 billion yuan.

In addition, China Ping An, Guizhou Maotai, Yili, Hengrui Medicine, Wanhua Chemical , Conch Cement , Merchants Bank beauty Group and other eight stocks interval cumulative turnover of over 10 billion yuan, trading more active.

It is worth mentioning that the net inflow of 29 stocks were distributed in 14 categories SW level in the industry, which 5 only food and beverage, pharmaceutical biotechnology and electronics each four, household appliances 3, we can see, The major consumption sector leader is still the focus of the North's funding layout.

A long-term value of stocks may appear

After the A-share market accelerated after the recent downturn, its valuation advantages and the continued improvement of the performance of listed companies have become an important positive factor for many institutions to be optimistic about the market outlook. With boosted by the dual advantages of performance and valuation, most institutions believe that the mid- to long-term value of A-shares has already emerged.

In terms of specific results, Oriental Fortune's Choice data shows that as of June 22, a total of 1,169 listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges issued interim announcements for 2018, with disclosures of 32.11%. From the disclosure of information point of view, the performance is positive and up (pre-growth, continued earnings, a slight increase in losses) has 820 listed companies, accounting for over 70 per cent, chemicals, electronics, bio-pharmaceuticals and computer industries is particularly prominent .


(Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, as of 2018.6.22)

valuation, currently represent the overall market valuation of the whole wealth of the whole Eastern A Index price-earnings ratio (TTM) is 16.15 times, reflecting the valuation of the Shanghai and Shenzhen blue-chip sector 300 is 12.22 times, representing growth stocks in the CSI 500 and GEM mean price-earnings ratio (TTM) 22.31 and 37.65 times, respectively, are basically at a historic bottom of the range.


(Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, 2010.6.1-2018.6.22)

China Merchants Fund said that the recent market volatility, the major internal and external short-term investors due to concerns about the risk of emotional catharsis. However, given the robust economic fundamentals, valuations at historic lows, coupled with the recent series of new policies to promote economic development and the introduction of long-term funds into the market, A-share market increasingly reflect the long-term investment value.

ICBC Credit Suisse Fund pointed out that China’s current economic fundamentals have not changed for the long-term trend. The policy orientation of firmly advancing reform and opening has not changed, and the overall situation of improving livelihood and social stability has not changed, especially in the domestic capital market. With further deepening of the opening up, pensions and other long-term funds gradually entering the capital market, long-term investment will create value for A-share investors.

Risk Warning:

This report was compiled and published by the Oriental Wealth Securities Institute based on market data. It is for reference only. Oriental Fortune Securities Research Institute cannot guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the data. The contents of the report do not represent the views of the Fund of Heaven, and do not constitute investment advice. Investors should therefore operate at their own risk. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious.

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